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We use the best quality ingredients and all our salads, desserts, starters and canapes are hand made to order


If you want a 'top of the range' hog roast to remember, call or email us now and we can show you the difference!

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Great British Hog Roasts offer the best free range spit roasted pigs and lamb roasts for weddings, parties and events in Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, the Home Counties and London.  


We specialise in offering quality hog roast buffets with all the traditional trimmings, crispy crackle, sauces and stuffing with vintage theming, bunting if required and paper napkins.


Our homemade standard and gourmet salads are served in white or vintage bowls and we can also offer a selection of canapés and starters to serve before your roast is served and desserts and coffee or a selection of teas with homemade chocolate truffles after the meal.



Welcome to Great British Hog Roasts - Berkshire

Great British Hog Roasts is a spit roast company based in Berkshire.


We offer delicious spit roasted free range pigs and lambs cooked to perfection with all the traditional trimmings, and vintage theming.  

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Choose how many delicious homemade gourmet salads to accompany your roast.

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Why not offer a few canapes to your guests before the meal begins?

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